Organizational Healing Consultant

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters For Your Organization


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)  in the workplace must go beyond “crayon box” policies focusing on increasing demographic representation in age, gender, sexual orientation and ethnic background. True workplace D&I  requires a commitment to deep systemic change on the intrapersonal, interpersonal and institutional levels.

But why does D&I matter for you and your organization? The main reason is that as labor pool demographics shift and global markets develop, workforce diversity has become a business necessity.

A 2018 McKinsey&Company study analyzed the data from over 1,000 organizations covering 12 countries and found that there is a direct “correlation between diversity (defined here as a greater
proportion of women and ethnically/culturally diverse individuals) in the leadership of large companies and financial outperformance”.  Many leading organizations know this and have started to implement D&I programs in their organization; you may be tasked with ensuring the success of one of these programs.

According to diversity and inclusion expert, Curtis Linton,  the success of any D&I program depends on the organization’s “ability to create an effective framework that guides all decisions, practices, and policies” around D&I. Without this clear framework, Linton maintains that any policies put in place will not have sustainable success.

Many D&I consultants will tell you that quotas and demographic representation are proof of  D&I; in reality, these only lead to the appearance of D&I.  My workshops, online training programs, and long-term policy consultation will help your organization create an effective D&I framework that will guide all decisions, practices, and policies around relationships, expectations, rigor, and relevance.

More specifically, working with me  will help your organization:

  • Improve trust and relationships within the organization, forming the foundation for deep D&I  work.

  • Create a custom D&I Framework that explicitly lays out the expectations that the organization has around D&I.

  • Create realistic accountability practices to ensure that D&I change is system-wide and institutionally enacted.

  • Integrate relevant skills and practices that members of the organization can use in real time to help achieve their D&I goals.