Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

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Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Justin leads diversity and inclusion trainings grounded in healing justice and trauma informed practices. He offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to expand their thinking in the areas of leadership and diversity through workshops and seminars that can be tailored to meet the needs of any group.

Organizations Served


The Orange Coast College Tenure Track Faculty Academy

Justin worked with this group around a workshop he developed on Cultural Humility. This workshop explored how to foster diversity and inclusion when one of the major barriers is a lack of awareness for the need for this work in the first place. The workshop taught participants how to enter into multi-cultural situations in the workplace with humility, giving them the greatest opportunity to learn and grow as a result of these encounters.


Sierra Service project Staff training 

Justin has worked with this group numerous times, bringing them workshops on cultural humility, calling in vs. calling out and how systems of oppression function in the workplace. Participants learned how to identify the ways in which they may resort to “calling out” in response to problematic statements they may hear. They also learned how to avoid calling out, which divides, and move towards calling in, which brings people together.  Finally, he brought them research-based techniques to that help to calm the body and the mind in the moment of conflict, allowing for conflict to be generative within the organization.


The Cate School 

Justin trained students and faculty from The Cate School, on the history of systemic oppression as well as ways to undo the dynamics of these systems at their school.  The participants learned what these systems look like, as well as strategies to redress these problems as they are identified. In this process, the participants learned how to affect change in themselves, their relationships and the organization.