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Justin Campbell is an organizer, educator, and writer who has been working to build multiracial, inclusive community spaces both inside and outside of the classroom. He writes about race and politics  for the Los Angeles Review of Books and is the co-founder of The Just Love Coalition, a social justice activism organization working out of East Los Angeles County that seeks to transform the narrative around situations of injustice so that more people can feel the freedom to join movement work.  Over the past three years, Justin has lead trainings in Northern and Southern California on systemic racism, cultural humility and how to have courageous conversations in the classroom as an educator. He is currently an English professor at Cypress College in Cypress, CA.  ̌



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Justin Campbell is a writer, educator, and diversity consultant based in Los Angeles. He also works as a junior associate trainer with Allied Path Consulting in San Francisco, CA.  His workshops and trainings in both the private and public sector have helped numerous organizations recognize how rich and dynamic their multiracial, inclusive spaces already are. Justin has led these workshops in cities across the country on topics such as the roots of systemic oppression, cultural humility, calling in vs. calling out, and how to have courageous conversations in the workplace. He is also a certified trauma professional who integrates a trauma-informed perspective into each workshop and training.